Sonny & Shinning need a foster home

Updated: Sep 4

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alleykattz rescue inc

Long Island, New York

if you canโ€™t foster please donate even itโ€™s a $1, $ 5, we rely on donations to take care of the kittens and cats, thank you

Everyone, we need a foster for these two siblings...they need a place ASAP.....or they will be boarded in cadges. they are sweet scared cats....we could not leave them in Queens emaciated and no food was given to them....PLEASE ...we need someone....they cannot stay at Vet! OPEN YOUR HOME FOR THEM PLEASE...blondie their sibling got a great foster and she is so happy and loved....please contact alleykattz inc if you can I said THIS IS SO URGENT....thank you

alleykattz inc, long island, ny

501c3 charitable organization

Application to foster:


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